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Ninja Warrior Training

The fitness experience we offer is inspired by the reality television show, American Ninja Warrior, and coaching is done by American Ninja Warrior competitors.





Problem Solving

Ninjas Training Ninjas

About Talon Green

“I believe in the potential each child has. Our ninja training reveals strengths and opportunities.”

There’s nothing like seeing a child grin when they have achieved a goal. The work ethic that ninja training instills in youth helps train them to be better athletes, teammates and future employees.

What Youth Ninjas Say

It’s working out, but it’s fun. It’s like I’m training for the show and I just keep wanting to get better.

John C

Ninja Coalition HQ's course features several different obstacles for youth to test their skills! Our one-of-a-kind training gives a unique approach to fitness that encompasses strength, conditioning, flexibility, problem-solving, and coordination. Training is adaptable to many skill and strength levels. Obstacles test upper body strength, grip strength, running, balance, jumping, speed, and endurance.

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